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Hi I'm Austan and I'm from Wisconsin.  I've played music since I could tie my shoes.

Recently, I moved to San Francisco in a van full of instruments.  The van broke down, but I've found plenty of studios to record music here and store all my guitars, drums, and pedals.  Over the last year I've collaborated with singers, producers, hip hop artists, and instrumentalists.  Some I meet on the street, some I've been fans of for a while.

While I piece together and record all the music I'm making you can see me perform here in the San Francisco bay area about 4 times a month.  For my live performance I loop guitar and make instrumentals to sing my songs over.  I usually invite a friend to sing along for a song or two since I know so many talented musicians here. 

If you're not here in California you can listen to features I've done this year on Soundcloud and check out my YouTube channel to get more of a picture of what I do.  Feel free to message me if you want to collaborate or ask me anything at all, I'm listening and I hope you are too.